De BallenBar®

Since the opening of his restaurant 't Schulten Hues in 2002, Michelin star chef Peter Gast has served a homemade bitterbal as an amuse bouche. The popular twist of this well-known snack was very popular with its guests. When he and his former sous chef Jeroen Elijzen subsequently heard of the plan the Foodhallen in Amsterdam, they immediately felt that this should be the place to further expand this concept.

Soon the bitterball started to roll. De BallenBar® opened in 2014

Today Jeroen and Carla serve no less than 7 (!) Different variations of the classic bitterbal, all with a filling on their own recipe. From Thai Thom Kah Kai, to French Bouillabaisse, but also with truffle and a vegan variant. Snack with a culinary twist.